LoZ: the Seventh Sage (Dev Blog)
I can't believe its been over a year and you're still moving forward with this project. You're an inspiration to all us losers who get super excited about big projects and then give up after two weeks.

I’m pretty surprised myself! I’m a proud doofus that I’ve stuck with this project this long and that I’m this close to finishing. Like, you guys still probably won’t see it released or beta’d for a while because there’s a lot of little things that need fixing here and there, but from my perspective as the game’s designer/programmer/everythinger the bulk of the work is done and that’s pretty dang cool to me.

It’s not everything I wanted it to be, but at the same time it’s more than I thought I could actually do. I’m really looking forward to finishing it and releasing it!

FINALLY actually placed all the bushes down, jeez did that take forever.

Next I have to lay all the pots down… I think that’s going to be even worse, actually, since there are more dungeon and indoor screens then there are outdoor screens. WISH ME LUCK

Progress is… progressing! Spent today barfing bushes down and fixing what was almost a critical error that could have set back work by a hell of a lot.

It’s finally looking like a game and I’m proud. B,)

Doing work on the Lost Woods and some misc other areas I glossed over now that the dungeons are all laid out, and I got a spoiler for you all: Fado? She’s kind of a creep. I mean, you probably already knew that if you ever completed the Biggoron trading quest in OOT, but…

That girl ain’t right.

School’s just about out for me, so you know what that means.


just stopping by to say coding dungeon maps is the most terrible thing I’ve had to do yet and I will most likely strip down some of the standard LoZ map functions because coding all this for every dungeon I’ve made would not only bore me to tears but add months of work to the project.

I TRIED, I SWEAR, but having a map that actually keeps track of which room you’ve been in and which room you haven’t would take hundreds of variables. The smallest dungeon in the game still has about ~30 rooms, and trying to track the rooms is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Other dungeons are even bigger. Sadly it’s just not a realistic goal for me to do that as a one-person team. ):

I’m not sure what to do as an alternative, though. I’m thinking making either a) a more static map that shows all rooms whether you’ve been in them or not and just displays the boss room and unclaimed treasure chests or b) leave mapping out dungeons to the players themselves since I know some gaming masochists who like doing that kind of thing.


It’s almost been a year since I came up with this project! Not yet an entire year since I started working on it, and certainly not a year OF working on it (due to life interruptions and all), but a year since I put plans into a text document and sat back and thought “yeah, I’m actually going to try doing this.”

I simultaneously feel like I’m farther than I thought I’d get and behind schedule, but I’m really proud of the work I’ve put forth on a personal level. I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me, but with the dungeons nearly complete I’d say the hardest work has passed.

Presently, I’m trying to incorporate pixel-by-pixel movement. It’s hard since RPG Maker 2k3 is very strictly tile based, but I feel like I may yet be able to scrape something together. Not making any promises, though—-most of the methods I’ve found are the kind of thing where you needed to have it built specially from the beginning of development. Still though, I’m gonna do my best to be able to give an authentic Zelda experience!

3/5 floors of the final dungeon are done being built!

We just hit a little over 200 followers and I think that’s PRETTY DANG COOL.

shikai-of-the-4th-world said: This is amazing! Have you released a beta yet? I saw this guy playing a loz game that looked very similar to the graphics your using here and I got really excited

Nope, no beta has been released as of yet. There are a couple other fangames that make use of the LA/Oracle graphics though if I’m not mistaken.